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An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest.

We are a consortium of established leaders and professionals experts in Lifestyle Gastronomy, each with distinct expertise, offering end to end consultancy to businesses in the hospitality sector. United by our passion, we share our experience and insight in order to help businesses increase profitability, improve brand loyalty, and outperform their peers. Our panel of experts are acknowledged leaders in their fields of expertise, and have been mutually selected to join do Hospitality Experts. Our like-minded experts goal is to contribute highly to their industry, and help develop spectacular lifestyle gastronomy concept that endure onto the next generation. As hospitality experts and managers, you will benefit from their accumulated years of experience, learning and expertise.

None of us are as smart as all of us.

A conversation with a wise man is better than a decade of study.

Juan Miguel

Operation & Management

Jose maría Grimalt


Jou Bordoy

3d Renders

Nacho Tato

Technical Architecture

Mika Ferrer

Creative Director

Juanjo alba

Project Manager

Daniel Cobos


Sergi Lorenzo

Branding & creativity

Javi Lozano

Entertaiment & IT

Salvatore Fragliasso

Food & Beverage

Rafa Bonin

Fianances & Accountability

Marcus Lipp

Experience Management

Lluis Mas


Sanyu Sirwani


Sonia Alcoberro

Content Creator

Silvia Valls

Interior Design

Pep Caparrós


Isidro Trujillano

Digital Creator

Toni Ruiz


If an expert says it can’t be done, get another expert.

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