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do has launched more than fifty company owned andoperated restaurants by the “Enjoy Restaurants Group”, together with its interior design, bespoke furniture and lighting company “Estudio à Gogo” and a separate branding and strategy division dedicated to projects of scale “brando”. Our smart destination & hospitality division “do Disruptive” additionally empowers companies to achieve digitalized, customer centric and efficient operations.

do disruptive

Do Disruptive, is a smart destination and tourism technology company. In an era of unprecedented competition, market volatility and disrupted business models, expectations are higher than ever, and change is not just fast, but exponential. Do Disruptive supports travel, airline and hospitality companies to keep pace and grow into agile, real time and connected travel platforms. We empower companies to reinvent themselves to be more relevant and deliver engaging customer experiences, stronger travel loyalty programs and to modernize technology to keep up with demands, whilst improving operations. Our process focusses on re-defining your business to remain competitively agile, with on-property experiences and new technology: SmartHospitality, SmartDestination, ITconsulting, Innovation lab, technology, managementOperation, dataPlatform.

Enjoy Restaurants

With more than 30 years’ experience in the sector, and a track record of successful “alive and kicking” gastronomy icons, Enjoy’s company owned and operated venues provide a one-of a kind customer experience at the culinary, design and gastronomy level. The combination of cuttingedge decoration, vibrant atmospheres, highly executed food concepts, and a high-class drinking experience, make Enjoy’s venue designs full winners. Enjoy works with some of the most visionary Chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, spirits, and wine brands, providing classic and trending, top quality food and menu conceptual design. Enjoy provides a unique range of hospitality services, and has built legacy brands, whilst establishing efficient behind the scenes operational systems that drive revenue, growth and proven long term success. Enjoy’s range of services expands beyond business strategy and planning, to include food & menu conceptual design, operational development, financial & feasibility analysis, procurement, marketing & branding, management coaching, start to end implementation with follow-up and post-service consultancy. For more information.

Brando is a hospitality strategy and design boutique studio & agency. We design integrated hospitality concepts that deliver transformative guest experiences for the world’s most innovative businesses and brands. Brando specializes in brand strategy, F&B strategy, graphic design, creative marketing, advertising and brand activation. A division that brings brands to life via digital marketing, and local and global communication strategies. Our process also focuses on the principles of Hospitable thinking to address the entire guest experience from a human-centered perspective. For more information, please visit the brando site.

Estudio à Gogo

Interior design lies at the heart of our firm. We’ve built a reputation for conceptdriven spaces that resonate with guests because every element relates to a central narrative. In addition to our own independent furniture lines, we have developed a wide range of custom furniture and lighting for interior schemes. Our in-house furniture designers work with trusted manufacturers from initial concept to final product to build pieces that bring a one-of-a-kind stamp to a project. For more information, please visit the Estudio à Gogo website.

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